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Meet the new HabitIt's ready for yours.

Habit Phone modelLoading Animation

Introducing a modular phone designed by you.

Do It Yourself Repairs

A broken phone screen beside a fixed phone

By design all components of the phone are easily detachable, making repairs a snap. Shattered screen? Scratched camera lens? Battery not lasting like it should? No need to take your phone anywhere, just perform the swap yourself.


A basic camera block beside an advanced camera block. Various storage blocks.

Buying a new phone every two years is a waste. When you have access to every component, you can upgrade the parts you want, when you want. Not so happy with your photo quality? Get a professional camera block from your manufacturer of choice. Want better graphics? You can do just that. And perhaps throw in a barometer, or a number of other sensors to fit a variety of uses. Your decision - no more comparing features.

Unmatched Customizability

A variety of phone parts